Collection: Benoît Paradis - Acrylic Painter

Benoît Paradis
Benoît Paradis, originally from Montréal, Québec, moved to Pictou , Nova Scotia, in April 2022. He grew up with a pencil in his hand as a medium of expression. Books, comics and cartoons on television feed my imagination and covered the sheet of paper. Studies in mechanical design drawing followed by a career in aerospace design did not satisfy his artistic thirst.
 Benoît began to study Visual Arts at Cégep du Vieux Montréal and subsequently Film Animation at Concordia University, which recognized his talent by awarding him prizes and mentions. He tries to recreate the beauty of the world around him, giving it bold colours and expressions
 Benoît’s love of colour, nature, beauty, and life inspires his colourful and vibrant work.  He starts by sketching in situ when possible or taking a photograph and tries to observe and feel the emotion of the place.  When he returns to the studio, he then works further on the drawing and finally starts painting, first with a dark colour building the other colours from there.
Benoît joined Art 1274 Hollis in July 2022 and feels his work stands out because of the quality of his drawing, as well as the boldness, emotion, and energy of the painting.