Collection: Now Showing - Oscar Koller


Introducing Impressionist, Oscar Koller, and his art show of his paintings, called “Wistful Escapes”.

This will be shown at Art 1274 Hollis Gallery, 1274 Hollis St, Halifax September 5-29, with a special evening reception on September 15th 5-7pm.

Oscar has been pursuing his career/dream as an artist for 15 years along with a successful career as a Physician. His attraction to strong colours and textures are communicated in the mediums of oil, cold wax, oil pencils, markers and pan pastels. This creates a multi dimensional impressionistic landscapes that Oscar often refers to as Abstract. His pieces definitely elicit multiple emotions from the viewers , as intended by Oscar. His intent is to draw the viewer away from their stressful lives and bring some joy. We hope you will find a reprieve as you view his work.