Food reserve

Food reserve

Hélène Martin
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 Food reserve, Grainery Park, Halifax I

L’impression que j’ai ressentie en arrivant au parc est que l’humain est bien petit et qu’il construit de très grandes choses.

Painting in Plein Air is difficult and and often very rewarding. In this painting I tried to communicate  my sentiment off being so small compare to the silos. Painting in plein air is a constant battle against time, light, bugs, heat or cold and trying to put on a small paper or canvas very big subject or view. In this painting, my challenge was to put something huge on an 8”x10” paper, and still keep the feeling of BIG silos. So much grain in there!

Et bien sur, l’impression que tout ce grain attend le bateau qui l’apportera vers d’autres lieux et que ce grain nourrira tant d’autres personnes.

Silos, silos and more silos!

8”X10 inches

Watercolour and gouache

Plein air painting