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Colleen Underwood

"Eclectic Elixir Ensemble"

"Eclectic Elixir Ensemble"

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"Eclectic Elixir Ensemble"

9 x 12 framed


The creation of the “Eclectic Elixir Ensemble" was inspired by a serene, warm summer evening. The initial idea for this piece came to me as I was enjoying a martini while relaxing in my garden. There's something about those moments of tranquility and the nostalgic charm of my old martini shaker that sparked my desire to immortalize that experience through my art.

 The contrast of the lime's citrusy brightness with the olive's subtle sophistication speaks to the diverse and eclectic nature of life's pleasures.

I incorporated specific visual elements and symbolism to further enrich the piece. The martini shaker, a nod to the classic elegance of James Bond's iconic "shaken, not stirred" preference, is a centerpiece that captures both the playful and sophisticated aspects of cocktail culture. This element serves as a bridge between a casual summer evening and the timeless allure of cinematic charm.

Metal and glass frequently appear in my paintings, reflecting my fascination with the interplay of light and textures. The way these materials react to natural light is meant to draw viewers into a moment of contemplation and delight.

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