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Nora Gross

Evening Grosbeak

Evening Grosbeak

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Evening Grosbeaks



Nora remembers seeing more birds here 40 years ago when she and her husband moved to Nova Scotia. She rarely sees Grosbeaks anymore, but did see some in early March.  The Evening Grosbeak is a beautiful bird.

 This bird is a large finch, stocky with a pale bill and short notched tail. The breeding male is quite a bright yellow with mostly black wings with bright white secondaries and a short, black notched tail.  The females are overall grey with some white on the wing.

Flocks of Evening Grosbeaks are noisy and possess a wide repertoire of calls and cries. They tend to build high nests (6-12 m up) in spruce or deciduous trees, loosely constructed of small twigs, lined with grass, small roots and moss.

The biggest threats to the Evening Grosbeak population are destruction of habitat (mature and old growth mixed wood and conifer forests), collisions with windows and mortality associated with feeding on grit and salt along roads in winter.

Size 11 X 14 inches

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