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Colleen Underwood

Palate to Palette

Palate to Palette

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Palate to Palette

Traditionally during my childhood years our family enjoyed feasts of lobster which were reserved for special occasions. Celebrating Mothers’ Day was one of those occasions. I remember going with my father to Dover or Sambro, which are local fishing villages, to buy fresh lobster. We stood on the docks as the lobster fishermen pulled in the day’s catch.

I can recall the smell of the salt water, and the sound of hungry gulls flying overhead. Lobster was once considered a poor man’s chicken and was often used as fertilizer. Signs along the road advertised Lobster 50 cents a pound and dad was appalled when it rose to 75 cents. Those were the days!

 Today lobster is revered as a delicacy and is considered a luxury food item.

Lobster dipped in melted butter was served with potato salad and coleslaw completed the meal. And of course, we always had mom’s homemade rolls served hot out of the oven. Top this with lemon meringue pie or strawberry shortcake and you have a traditional maritime feast.

18' x 24 inches

“Palate to Palette” was inspired by a particularly memorable feast which was shared with family and friends.

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