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Colleen Underwood

"Palette Of a Seaside Meal"

"Palette Of a Seaside Meal"

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 "Palette Of a Seaside Meal"

9 x 12 framed


 I strive to capture the sensory and emotional experiences that define our most cherished moments. 

This piece, inspired specifically by a seaside meal, aims to convey a rich tapestry of feelings and memories.
The setting that inspired this painting is a quaint Halifax, Nova Scotia restaurant called the Bicycle Thief. I vividly remember the smell of the ocean lingering in the air, mingling with the aroma of our seafood gourmet delights. The sound of seagulls calling out as we dined outdoors framed a serene yet vibrant atmosphere. It is these elements—mussels shared with friends against a backdrop of oceanic splendor—that I sought to encapsulate in this work.

To symbolize the vast beauty of the seacoast, I chose to incorporate the colour blue. The blue glass in the painting represents the Atlantic Ocean, acting as a visual vessel that carries the essence of the sea into the dining experience. The textures and hues within the artwork are carefully chosen to evoke the same sense of freshness and tranquility that I felt at that moment.

Through this painting, I hope to impart a message of relaxation and communal joy. The feeling of good dining, fresh air, and the simple act of sharing a bowl of mussels with friends is an experience that I believe is universally resonant. By channeling these feelings into my work, I aim to offer viewers a glimpse of that special, shared delight and the peaceful atmosphere of seaside dining.

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