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Colleen Underwood

Reflections for a Thrifted Gem

Reflections for a Thrifted Gem

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Reflections for a Thrifted Gem

12 x 16 framed


"Reflections of a Thrifted Gem" is a piece that speaks directly to the beauty found in unexpected places. The silver pitcher, which serves as the focal point of this painting, is a treasure I discovered in a thrift store. When I first saw the item, I was overwhelmed with excitement at the prospect of capturing its beauty on canvas. It was as if I had unearthed a hidden gem that was waiting for a new story to be told.

My affinity for shiny objects drew me instantly to this pitcher. In creating this painting, I aimed to provide the pitcher a new home and breathe new life into it. The visual elements, with the glistening reflections and the intricate details, are symbolic of thrifted treasures - items that once belonged to someone but now hold a new significance in my collection.

The process of painting this piece was filled with contemplation and curiosity. I often found myself lost in thoughts about its past: Who were the previous owners? Why did they part with it? Did it ever occupy a place of honor, as it now does in my home? And perhaps most intriguingly, did this pitcher ever get the chance to be immortalized in art before now? These musings enriched my creative process and added layers of depth to the final work.

Through this painting, I hope viewers will connect with the idea that "one person's junk is another person's treasure." My intention is to evoke a sense of wonder and the joy of discovery that comes with finding beauty in the overlooked and discarded. I invite viewers to appreciate the hidden stories and the intrinsic value of objects that might otherwise be forgotten. This painting is a celebration of giving new life to old treasures, and it encourages us all to look closely and cherish the unique beauty that exists in the mundane.

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