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Colleen Underwood

Reflective Companions

Reflective Companions

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Reflective Companions

12 x 16

Acrylics framed 

The journey that led me to painting reflective companions began with a serendipitous find—the copper jug, which I bought from another artist on Marketplace. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to paint it.

I found myself deeply captivated by the jug’s reflections and its unique ornate shape.

When I paint reflective objects, I aim to convey a variety of emotions and themes through my work. The reflections themselves seem to narrate stories, evoke wonder, and invite introspection. There's something inherently mesmerizing about how light and surroundings morph and shift on a curved, reflective surface. To me, these reflections serve as both a metaphor and a mirror, capturing moments and lending a unique perspective to otherwise ordinary objects.

n choosing subjects and settings for my paintings, I am drawn to shapes, textures, and reflective surfaces like a moth to a flame. These elements hold a significant place in my approach as an artist. They represent an opportunity to reveal hidden dimensions and perspectives through my brushwork. Using my skills, I strive to transcribe what I see in a painterly way, transforming everyday objects into something extraordinary.

In essence, my inspiration for painting is about seeing beyond the surface, capturing fleeting moments, and transforming them into lasting impressions. Whether it's a copper jug, a glass vase, or another reflective object, each painting serves as a dialogue between the observer and the observed—a companionship that is as reflective as it is enduring.

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