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Colleen Underwood

Sunnyside Up

Sunnyside Up

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"Sunnyside Up"

11 x 14 framed


Sunny Side Up

This painting is intended for food enthusiasts, cooks, or anyone who enjoys decorating their kitchen or dining spaces with art that brings a sense of warmth and comfort. My hope is that “Sunny Side Up” will evoke feelings of joy and contentment, encouraging the viewer to cherish the everyday moments that often go unnoticed. The vivid yellows and whites create a lively atmosphere, characteristic of a morning meal that promises nourishment and satisfaction.

The title “Sunnyside Up” was inspired by the method of cooking the eggs in a style where the yolks remain vibrant and visible. The phrase itself suggests a positive and optimistic start to the day, aligning perfectly with the overall message of the artwork.

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