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Meryl Cook

Wild Woman says ‘I am enough’

Wild Woman says ‘I am enough’

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Wild Woman says ‘I am enough’ 

 She knows that no matter what she accomplishes next, she is already enough. The words from my journal that inspired this piece include “Rocking her grey hair” and “I’m just getting started”.

You may notice her hair is grey, hooked with some of my hand spun yarns. She is part of my continuing series of women with grey hair in support of Lisa LaFlamme, a Canadian news anchor who was criticized because she let her hair go grey. Imagine!

The background of this piece is various shades of pink, a colour of the Heart Chakra, representing unconditional love. To really believe we are enough we need to have unconditional love for ourselves. As with all of my Wild Women series, all eight of the Chakra colours are part of this Wild Woman.

Hooked on linen with recycled, hand spun and commercial yarns and (mostly wool) fabrics.

18.5″ x 28 inches

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