Colour me Red!

Colour me Red!

Hello from Art Hollis!

The world outside my window is white. White on the ground, white over the Bay broken only by the tiny line on the horizon that at present is the black terra firma of Sand Point and Malagash.

 And then suddenly, my white world is stabbed by the appearance of a bright red half ton. My eyes follow it like a hungry lioness watching a fat gazelle as it disappears down the road. I feel starved for colour. My world has returned to its winter white and black bracken along my driveway.

 Scientists tell us there are approximately 10 million colours in the world. Ten Million! …and I look at my sad dried up palette of same, same colours and think.. Why am I so afraid of Colour? I think I should be more adventurous.

 Ahhhhhh….So many shades of red so little time!!

 That reminds me coincidentally, “Red” is the theme for February at Art Hollis.

 Come and see what our Artists can do with the forty plus colours of this pigment! Fearless and Bold is our feature wall.

 Interesting how we, as humans, use this hue. Did you know that as a primary colour red has the longest wavelength of light in the colour spectrum that can be perceived by the human eye? A little trivia to fascinate your family.


 Our Indigenous Brothers and Sisters believe the colour red is the only colour spirits can see. Their image of “The Red Dress” as tribute to their murdered and missing Women and Girls drives home with huge impact.


 Red is eye catching and unsettling by times. The colour of the sun, of fire and of blood.  In works of Art it can create many different emotions in the viewer…bold, brave, warm, hot or cold depending on what other colours lay beside it.


As I finish up writing this today, a beautiful bright sun has broken through the winter sky… I suddenly feel warmer just seeing it.

 See you at the Gallery


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