• Halifax Art Scene

    Can you see yourself as part of the vibrant Halifax Art scene in a Gallery which is constantly emerging and growing in todays very competitive Arts market?

  • Cooperative Family

    Would you enjoy working as a team member interacting with the public discussing and promoting your work as well as that of your Cooperative Family?

  • Additional Skills

    Do you have additional skills you may offer the team to help move our Gallery forward? If this is you….We would love to know more!

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Local Art Co-op Application



Becoming a member

Thank you for showing an interest in becoming a member of Art 1274 Hollis Gallery. In order to join our co-op you need to fill out the application form below and then you will be contacted to bring in samples of your work to be juried by our members.

Please bring your best and most recent work to be juried. We would also like to see a portfolio of work not brought in for jurying so we can see an expansive body of work. Keep in mind that our jurying process not only looks at the artwork, but we consider how your work is presented.

We ask you to leave your work for at least two weeks so our members can get in to view it. If your work receives a majority of yes votes you will be called in for an interview. If your interview is successful, we will either offer you a spot if one is open, or if not, we can keep you on file for future open membership. 

Members who are accepted into the gallery pay a $50.00 non- refundable joining fee and then a monthly fee of $55.00. The Gallery takes 25% on all sold work and commissions received through the gallery and the artist receives the 75% of the sales paid monthly.

Please contact Colleen Underwood 902-443-7032, or Judy Gordon 902-430-8661 for any questions