Happy mid June to our Art 1274 Patrons and Friends!

Happy mid June to our Art 1274 Patrons and Friends!

Happy mid June to all of our Art 1274 Patrons and Friends!


It’s finally summer and the open road is calling. Pack a picnic, grab the dog and a friend and get out there and explore this beautiful province. It’s Road Trip time and haven’t we waited long enough?



The weather is perfect to go out in search of those out of the way, smaller Galleries that are little hidden gems of our part of the Art world.  Lots of little seasonal Galleries are scattered like sweet wildflowers that open only in summer in our many small towns and villages. These Galleries have switched to summer hours and the supply of unique creativity is abundant here in Nova Scotia.



I can’t think of anything more fun than exploring one of our friendly towns, finding a new Gallery where I can chat with Artists about their work, then a walk along a sandy beach or shaded pine trail…sit and enjoy a treat and think about where I will go next.


But… not to discount the fabulous Galleries we have right here in the City either. In fact, “Getting Out and About” is the title of our

upcoming show by Dan Veniot. Dan’s new work celebrates the enjoyment that can come from that very thing.

His show Opens July 3rd, so Come enjoy light refreshments and meet the Artist. Opening is Saturday, July 6th from 3:00 till 5:00.



See you there!


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