Celebrating Spring at Art Hollis

Celebrating Spring at Art Hollis

Welcome to April at Art Hollis Gallery


Things are beginning to really heat up despite the fog and the damp. Its finally Spring! Yay!!  We here in our piece of Maritime Heaven, we all await that sudden pop of yellow. No, not just the sun…Dandelions! Who doesn’t love the return of that noble, bearded floral gift from Mother Nature. The bees can’t wait.


I notice from where I sit today, listening to the birds; their songs sound a bit more frenzied. Let the dating games begin! There’s that ever so subtle hint of colour change in the tiptops of trees now. A sign the sap is flowing to the roots. The warm spring wind whispers..Soon, be patient…soon...


 As the earth makes its turn into another season and new beginnings, I have to tell you…our Gallery has not just been sleeping under the snow. For example, and this is so exciting - Our Fused Glass Diva has just released a beautiful and now registered design commemorating the iconic Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse. Go to our website and see it for yourself. Lori was inspired by the dramatic combination of colours from the moody dark  ocean and the rugged rocky landscape kissed by the white surf, as well as  the lighthouse itself. In her heart Lori also wanted to include in the design a tribute to those whose lives were lost at sea. This tartan is nothing short of stunning.



So much happens in the day to day running of our space that doesn’t just include the refreshing of our walls with new Art. Of late, our own creative Board initiated a brainstorming session with a new challenge: What else can we do to showcase the talent that fills the Gallery. We love our space and know you do too. Let’s celebrate, let’s focus on creating new and exciting events and engage with Our People. 


So, with this in mind we invite you to the first of many fun and interesting events that will follow throughout the year.


Sunday, April 21st from 2:00 to 4:00 our own fabulous fabric Artist, Denise Uebele, will be staging a fashion Exhibit of her wearable Art. We will have live models illustrating the full effect of wearing Art in the Real, and Denise will be happy to give you, the viewer, an opportunity to try on these one of a kind pieces. Her clothing items are very wearable, very comfortable and extremely flattering. She will talk about her process and answer any questions you may have. If you wish to order a special piece she is open to that as well.


Light Refreshments will be served. We would love to see you there!


We have decided it's time to take our rich resource of talent and just like the fledgling baby Robin in spring…. Step out on a limb and spread our wings.


See you at the Gallery!

Happy Spring!


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