Landmarks of Nova Scotia by Gale Armstrong

Landmarks of Nova Scotia by Gale Armstrong

"Change is possible only by attempting to do something new. Being creative in the first part of the year sets us up for a year of success"
So says author, speaker and entertainer Randall Munson who calls January International Creativity month
Hmmm…so who knew
OK, here we go Art 1274 followers.

It’s January 2023. We at Art 1274 Hollis are facing down fourteen wonderful creative years as a gallery in Halifax. We are excited to get the party started with our featured January artist Gale Armstrong.
Here’s a little about Gale, and I do mean little because we could write a book about her. Gale in fact has written her own book. More on that later.  Gale works in many mediums and her beautiful acrylics and watercolours have graced our walls for two years now. This time however she will be introducing the viewer to her lovely architectural pen and ink drawings of various historical buildings of Nova Scotia.

You will want to see this body of work and you will recognize the landmarks in her subject matter. This type of work has always interested her and is in fact the subject of her very own holiday travel book of Great Britain. Gale says she always travels with sketchbook, pencils or pens and often works in her studio using pens with nibs of various sizes. One of her most favourite pen and ink work is this lovely image from years ago when she did her American series. Inglenook Winery of Napa Valley is owned by Francis Ford Coppola who has it hanging there!

Gale Armstrong's new show Landmarks of Nova Scotia is on display now until February 1st.

By the way three Artists whose Birthdays are in January
Paul Cezanne.   1839
Edouard Manet. 1832
Yours truly.          Not telling.

See you at the Gallery!
Happy Creativity Month!
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