Please Don't Photograph Our Art - Why not?

Please Don't Photograph Our Art - Why not?


When you view our work, it is very tempting to take photographs. We are flattered and appreciate your interest.

We promote our work in many ways and provide good quality photos that show our work to its best advantage.

It is very awkward for a gallery or shop attendant when someone takes an unauthorized photo of someone’s work.

You may want a memory.

You may want to remember a piece of art that you saw. There is a simple solution! Artists usually have to self-promote! There are often business cards available where their work is displayed. These cards will have the artist’s contact info and perhaps, social media and websites where a lot of their work is featured in great photos…likely better than the ones you can take on the sly! If you don’t see a card, just ask for contact information.

Better ways to help an artist.

  • Of course, make a purchase.

Ways to support an artist WITHOUT having to make a purchase.

  • There are so many amazing artists out there. Not many can make a living from their craft! If you like a particular artist’s work…let them know! A real or “virtual” pat on the back goes an incredible distance!
  • Tell your friends what and where you saw it!
  • Follow the artist, shop or gallery on social media. “Like” and “Follow” their pages.
  • “Share” and “comment” on their posts! This is what makes a difference with the “algorithms” for all social media platforms.
  • Google review them with a glowing recommendation.
  • Have a look at their website. It will eventually increase their behind the scenes “web analytics” and Google ratings.

Bottom line, think about if you were an artist, and how you would feel if someone took unauthorized photographs of your work.

Thank you for respecting the artists who have put their work out there in the world.

Writer's pictureLori Nason
Fused Glass Diva!
Art1274 Hollis Art Gallery

Our November Featured Artist – Wendy Bissett-Beaver

Wendy will present a collection entitled “For the Love Animals”.

Animals display empathy toward humans and other animals in a multitude of ways, including comforting, grieving and even rescuing each other from harm at their own expense. Cows can have a unique personality. Goats are sociable animals. Sheep are emotionally complex animals. The unconditional love of a pet can do more than keep you company. Wendy’s animals will be on display for the month of November, Enjoy!

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