Art 1274 Hollis wishes you a peaceful New Year

Art 1274 Hollis wishes you a peaceful New Year

Hello from Art Hollis,

     Well Friends, we come to the end of another year and look back at what has come and gone. On behalf of the Art Family at Art 1274 Hollis we hope 2023 was good to you and we wish you all a safe, healthy and peaceful New Year.

     The world around us seems to be in flux as I make this month’s entry. We have watched as Climate Change seems now at our door, wars and chaos wreak havoc upon Earth’s beautiful lands and homelessness is in our own backyard.

Yet there are those who willingly go forth into all that is terrible and shine their caring light of love, courage and a determination to try and help where they can. I like to believe that someday, these brave women and men will change things. That the world will stop, put down weapons and pick up shovels, rakes, and the tools of peacetime.

I am so very grateful for those souls who carry the torch of hope for the rest of us.

      As Artists, we look back over the year that passed. We have spent days and long nights lost in the creative process enjoying what we do best. To be blessed with the gift of creativity is a wonderful way to lose oneself in a world of our own. We can shut off the bad news and immerse ourselves into the joy of Art Making. I am grateful for the chance to escape reality for a bit, while at the same time expressing my moods and thoughts on canvas. There is an emotional healing in Art Making, no matter the medium.

 There is nothing quite like taking the seed of an idea, planting it on paper and turning it into a visual sense of accomplishment.

       I love the fact that as an Artist I am blessed to be part of an Arts Community that both inspires and supports its family.

This is what your Gallery, Art 1274 Hollis is best at doing: supporting, encouraging and inspiring.


To visit this space is to see for oneself how this has made our little Gallery a big success

   ….One of the many things that tops my Grateful List for 2023. 

 See you soon!


A very Happy New Year to all the Friends and Families of “Art 12”

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