Collection: Lori Nason - Glass artist

Lori, the Fused Glass Diva, originally from Newfoundland but moving around for a while, now works from her home in Fall River.  Formerly a competitive tennis player who once played with Billie Jean King, she started working with stained glass and then began doing fused glasswork in the mid 90s.  She has been honing her technique with reversed enamel painting on fused glass for over a decade.
Traditionally, reverse painting on glass is a “cold art” form of applying oil paint to glass and then turning the glass over to look through the glass at the image. Lori creates a modern twist to this ancient art form by using glass enamels and adding 1400F! layers of glass, multiple stages of enameling, in combination with heat and gravity, resulting in intensely coloured animated glass designs with a quirky whimsical folk-art physicality.
A member of Art 1274 Hollis since 2022, Lori apprenticed in several studios in Chicago and then spent a lot of time with hands on learning.  She is inspired by Nova Scotia scenery and is drawn to folk art and bright colours to create pieces that people can use.  Lori’s unique process and artwork has allowed her to become a juried member of Craft Nova Scotia.