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Lori Nason

Cape Breton Tartan Night Light

Cape Breton Tartan Night Light

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Cape Breton Tartan Night Light

Always helpful! Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to the comfort of a little Cape Breton Tartan to light your way!

Provincial and Clan/Family Tartans are literally a "labour of love" of the Diva! Great effort is made to source the colours and set the pattern to accurately represent specific tartans in glass! Each tartan item takes hundreds of 1mm glass threads that are all cut and positioned by hand. Each stage of the process requires precise kiln firing schedules developed over years of experimentation. Lori is thrilled to offer this potential heirloom product with consistent results and quality.

 Have the spirit of the island of Cape Breton with you!

The tartan of Cape Breton, was designed in 1957 by Elizabeth Grant. Its colour scheme was derived from a 1907 poem by Lillian Crewe Walsh: 

Black for the wealth of our coal mines
Grey for our Cape Breton Steel
Green for our 
lofty mountains, our valleys and our fields
Gold for the golden sunsets shining bright on the lakes of Bras d'Ors
To show us God's hand has lingered To Bless Cape Breton's shore.

  • LED night light with automatic sensor. Keeps low lighting in the dark in hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms!
  • Bright white LED
  • Cool to the touch
  • Long life
  • Approximately 3" by 4.5"
  • Always kiln annealed 

All painting and glass cutting is done by hand. Each piece will vary slightly. Occasional bubbles are expected in fused glass, contributing to the “folk artiness” of the piece.


Shipping measurements: 250g   16cm x 11cm x 6cm

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