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Artist Appreciation Month

Hello from Art 1274 Hollis!
    And here we are…mid - August. The right hand book end of summer. A summer that came in Fire and is leaving in Rain, wind and hopefully no hurricanes! What does this mean? Well, in the great U.S.A. Apparently August is “Artist appreciation month”.
I like to think that here in Canada, we appreciate Artists every month. We know Art is more than just something viewed and enjoyed. Art reflects the human condition. Our souls, our emotions, our reaching out to speak when words fail us. Like a mirror we see ourselves in a piece of Art because in relating to Art we can feel deep emotions.
    And mirrors are made of glass, which is born of fire, ash, sand and more and formed by the very air we breathe.
O.K….Let’s talk about that because we just happen to have an incredible, Imaginative and gifted Fused Glass Diva with us at Hollis.
Fire and Air
Lori Nason works her magic in kiln fired glass. She creates objects in brilliantly coloured animated glass. Lori is a master with colour which is not an easy thing when working with pigments of glass called enamels. Her process involves applying special enamel “paint” to glass, turning it over so you see the image through the piece. (Essentially painting backwards…in “reverse”!)  It takes many layers of this process to get the desired effect and each layer is kiln fired!
These intricate processes result in the magic you can see in our Gallery. At present we are proud to showcase several of her beautiful enameled glass pieces as well as her Tartans of Canada Collection, from Newfoundland to Nunavut to British Columbia, and a selection of Clan tartans.
Earth and Water
Clay - the element that binds us and all things to the Earth. This Element becomes an art form spanning from ancient times to present. Humankind has worked in this medium creating both useful tools as well as decorative and meaningful pieces.
    When we think about working in clay, perhaps we see a potter at her wheel busily creating something beautiful and useful from a virtual lump of mud. A potter also understands the malleability of this medium by use of her own hands to form sculptures.  Sculpting in clay allows the Artist to bring their imagination to life. She knows clay does not bind you to limits or restrictions.
Meet our Potter/ Sculptor Naomi Walsh.
    Naomi will open her new Show at Art 1274 Hollis August 31.
This Artist works whimsy into high realism in her recent work. Her new Show is entitled “Summer Memories of Nanny and Papa’s Farm”
You will enjoy this trip down on the farm… Just watch out when you’re walking in the pasture!
See you at the Gallery!
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