Happy World Art Day

Happy World Art Day

Hello from Art 1274 Hollis Gallery

Guess what?….. April 15th happens to be World Art Day!
So Happy World Art Day to all!!

Here's what that means to us:

An excuse; not that we really needed one, to celebrate visual arts as well as the performing arts.

Here's a few good reasons why we (especially children) should take up an art form.

1. Art generates a love for learning and creativity.
2. Art strengthens focus, improves hand-eye co-ordination and promotes problem solving.
3. Art supports emotional health by helping us express feelings.
4. Art reaches across racial, gender and religious barriers to help build communities.
5. Art builds self esteem and fosters holistic health
6. Art awakens the senses and helps us experience the world in new ways.

A good way to celebrate World Art Day might be to visit your favourite gallery or one that you have never been to before.  Immerse your senses in the beauty of creativity by the many talented and diverse artists in your area. See the world through their points of view.

As it turns out we happen to have a very unique exhibit of incredible work by our talented mixed media artist Anthony Blazevic.  This show is Surreal Landscapes and Wildlife. His pieces magically rise from their surface to meet the viewer straight on. Anthony uses power tools, flame, paint, and transparent dies in a chemical reaction along with pouring mediums. It just has to be seen in person to truly appreciate.
This show runs until May 3rd so don’t miss it.

A new show by Colleen Underwood entitled “ Come Gather Around” opens May 4th.  Colleen works in encaustic paints. Encaustic is a complicated process combining melted beeswax and paint pigments applied to the surface to create unique dimensional layers that draws the viewer in. She also works in oils to create a virtual scrumptious feast of for the eyes that will have your tummy growling and mouth watering.  This body of work appeals to our sense of home, comfort, friends and family and especially to the Maritimer in us. Her show is a true celebration of life and the joy of coming together for enjoyment and runs to May 30th.

At Art 1274 Hollis Gallery every day is World Art Day and we love to see visitors every day.

Oh …also Michelangelo was born in April

See you at the Gallery!
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