Collection: Anthony Blazevic - Mixed Media Artist

Anthony Blazevic

Anthony Blazevic’s work is a mixed media surrealistic visual display of bold symbolism with a raw demeanor influenced by underground sub-pop culture.  He uses unique techniques and mixed media to achieve abstract surrealistic backgrounds: patina finishes on canvas and holographic effects manipulated into metal.  The foreground subjects are created with an evolved style of realism combined with his imagination.   

Anthony grew up in Nova Scotia surrounded by the ocean, evergreen landscapes, and winter wonderlands. At a very young age, he was drawn to the concrete playgrounds of the skateboard world with melodies of hip hop and punk rock.  Mostly self-taught, he has been doing his artwork for about eight years and has been a member of Art 1274 Hollis since 2021.  His subject matter mainly consists of surreal female portraits, skulls, and floral compositions as well as stylized wildlife and two or more organic subjects morphed into one creation. Hidden objects and messages are often present, and a bit of humor can shine through from time to time.

Relocating to the West Coast as a young adult, his interests expanded into motorcycle and hot rod culture. His passion for illustrating skateboard and snowboard graphics transferred to the airbrush and custom paint world.  His evolved style made a name for itself throughout western Canada and Las Vegas where he debuted his first series - The Poker Straight Collection, during the annual WSOP event in 2014.