Hello from the Gallery and happy Pisces season!

Hello from the Gallery and happy Pisces season!

It is said that those born under the sign of Pisces, the fishes are THE zodiacs natural born artists! No matter your sign, this is the season for daydreams, optimism, sensitivity, romance and spirituality.

Our Gallery is presently filled with magic and romance.  One of our jewellers has turned our space into a bride’s dream. We have beautiful one of a kind pieces especially for the big day. Jean Hughes spins romance and sensitivity with her pearls and crystals. This Exquisite Bridal Jewelry work is simply stunning. There is something for the Bride and for every member of her party.

Do you know any young ladies with upcoming nuptials?

You’d better bring her down for a visit!



This month also belongs to our Potters

The process of taking a lump of earth, mixing it with water, giving it form, sticking it in the fire and walking away with something beautiful, functional, decorative and completely unique is a magical experience.

Art 1274 Hollis is home to three of these very special and unique “slingers of mud”. Each of these artists have their own way of taking a ball of clay and turning it either by wheel, slab roller or sculpting by hand into objects of Art.

Judy Gordon tells us:

Clay is my passion and can be a cruel mistress.  Creating something with a strong, gracious, curving form from a soft lump of clay (usually on the wheel) brings a sense of joy and accomplishment. Refining that form in trimming and altering of the material at just the right time…is all in the timing.

Then the firing, especially Raku: Firing in the gas kiln until the glaze is molten and taking from the kiln with tongs to decorate at the banding wheel. I use many objects and spray and mark using feathers or horse hair.


Naomi Walsh states:

I love the versatility of the medium. That’s what speaks to me the loudest. From basic materials with additional exotic additives comes endless possibilities!

I work in 3-D, functional to frivolous, simple or complex. I like to say there are no real limits to what can be made with clay, but I do believe clay has some limitations. I like to work with low fire white earthenware, mostly as the glazes do as I expect rather than the unpredictable morphing of high fire glazes.

In the beginning, I thought everything should have a function but I now find more joy in hand building sculptures.



Shauna Macleod:

Shauna's first love is throwing pottery on the wheel. It is a place where she feels most at peace and inspired. Using primarily Nova Scotia earthenware clay that she mixes herself, Shauna likes to create pots that tell a story and bring joy. Working as Black Crow Pottery since 2011, she yearns to learn new things, push the limits of the materials, and find joy in the process.



A famous Pisces artist you may know…..Michelangelo

 See you at the Gallery

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