Collection: Jean Hughes - Jeweler

Needlework and jewelry making have been Jean’s passion for many years inspired by her grandmother who taught her many types of needlework.  Stitching was her first passion, and through the Embroiderers’ Association of Canada, she learned techniques with amazing designers from Canada and the US and then later taught needlework workshops.
Jean feels there is something about beads that cannot be ignored--how they look, how they feel, and how they make you feel when you’ve created something.  With her bead embroidery, she can combine her love for beads and for stitching.  She is drawn particularly to pearls which she uses to do traditional pearl knotting, where she also adds crystals and gemstones.  Starting with a bead or stone, she then “goes wherever the bead goes” to create her classic, unique, and elegant pieces.
A member of Art 1274 Hollis since 2016, Jean feels this has improved the quality of her work.  She makes jewelry to meet customers’ needs including ‘metal-free’ for those with allergies as well as bracelets and necklaces designed with ease of closure for those with dexterity issues.  Jean believes everyone should wear jewelry whether for a night out, a day out, grocery shopping or at home because jewelry makes everyone feel better.