Kiss the Creative Block Goodbye!

Kiss the Creative Block Goodbye!

Good Day Art 1274 Patrons, Family and Friends.


…Tis March! My least favourite month of the year. The time between winter and spring…days of little colour and very little sunshine, which can bring an uninspiring period of Creative Block for some of us Artists.


Creative Block:  When inspiration disappears, my Art making, music playing and even furniture rearranging just gets up and goes. Blank canvases stare back menacingly from my tired easel. My mind imagines the sounds of crickets chirping in a dark void inside my studio.  Alas! It’s just too much for willpower alone to chase the blues away.


Then, I remind myself why I make Art. It is because it makes me happy. And so I say to myself…give it a shot. Go to a Gallery and, in particular, why not my own Gallery? Right now Inspiration hangs on every single wall, sits upon plinths in every corner and is virtually brimming with peace for my soul in the form of Creativity.



This month we feature the amazing work of our very own Beverly Hubley. Bev’s work is a feast for the eyes, full of colour and beautiful texture. Check her out on our website.


And as for music, it’s the Junos right here in Halifax, at Scotiabank Centre, March 24th. The Junos honour achievements in Canadian music for the year 2023. This year they will be hosted  by the vivacious, versatile Nelly Furtado.

Art Hollis celebrates this event by showcasing Art that is dedicated to music and the musicians that make the magic. We offer you to come view this new work by our Artists.


So you see, there are places to go to kiss the Creative Block goodbye!


 See you at the Gallery!



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