Collection: Bev Hubley - Acrylic, Oil, and Mixed Media Painter

Bev Hubley

Having always loved drawing and painting, it was in her teens when she became involved in the arts.  In 1976, she joined the Contemporary Arts Society and devoted herself full time to her art, inspired by her native province, which she defines as “an artist's paradise".
Bev Hubley is one of the original members of Art 1274 Hollis and developed her artwork by taking workshops locally and internationally.  In her paintings, where she uses oils, acrylics, and watercolours, she strives to create a sense of light and movement.  Inspired by a moment in time, she will sometimes work from photographs she has taken, and other times she will paint on location, particularly in the spring, which provides a fresh outlook on her subject matter.  She likes to record parts of Halifax, particularly areas that are disappearing.  Her emotional, original, and one-of-a-kind pieces offer intense colours from the bright undercoat she applies to create the sense of light.