Collection: Dan Veniot - Painter

Dan started painting in the early 1980’s but work, family and other priorities got in the way and  art got pushed to the side to be taken up only occasionally when time permitted.  He picked up the art brushes in earnest when he retired as a professional engineer in 2013 and has been addicted ever since.
 He is essentially self taught, relying on training in drafting for his foundation in drawing techniques.  He used books and online learning to further enhance his skills.
 His preferences are cityscapes, landscapes, and marine scenes.  He also dabbles in portraiture, winter scapes, wildlife, flowers, machinery and anything that catches his eye.  He feels the challenges of differing subjects helps him develop as an artist.
 Dan’s paintings and commissions can be found in establishments and homes throughout the Atlantic Provinces, Ontario, and as far away as Florida.