Collection: Gillian Lazanik - Mixed Media Painter

Gillian Lazanik Bio - 

Gillian is a Canadian born artist whose captivating herb-infused abstract/realistic landscape paintings invite viewers on a multi-sensory journey through the natural world. 
Since moving from Toronto to Porters Lake, Nova Scotia in 2020, Gillian has been deeply inspired by the region's breathtaking scenery, characterized by its pristine lakes, lush forests, dramatic ocean, and ever-changing weather. 
Gillian's journey began with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from McMaster University, followed by a diverse career path that fuelled her profound exploration of art and creativity. After a successful stint as a restaurateur on College Street in Toronto—where 
she curated art exhibitions alongside culinary experiences—Gillian pursued a degree in 
Interior Design. This laid the foundation for a thriving career in design and architecture, 
further enriching her artistic vision.
Utilizing a unique palette of dried herbs and teas—such as sage, chamomile, green tea, 
orange pekoe, and Earl Grey—Gillian crafts landscapes that are as deeply textured as 
they are lightly aromatic. Each piece is meticulously sealed with a transparent rubber 
coating to prevent shedding and degradation, then layered with multiple coats of lacquer to ensure vibrant colours and lasting beauty. The result is a multi-sensory painting that captivates all the senses, creating an immersive and unforgettable encounter.
Gillian's philosophy is that art should be more than just seen—it should be felt, touched, 
and smelled. Her belief in engaging all the senses is the cornerstone of her work, inviting viewers to connect with art on a deeper, more holistic level. In a world yearning for meaningful connections, her abstract/realistic landscapes dissolve the boundaries between the visual and the olfactory, leaving a profound and lasting impression that 
lingers long after the initial encounter.