Collection: Oscar Koller - Impressionistic Painter

Oscar Koller

Oscar Koller, originally from Budapest, Hungary, came to Canada in 1981.  His life’s work of over 50 years was as a physician, but he has spent the last 15 years developing as a painter.  He learned his craft from working with his sister as well as another artist from New Brunswick. 
Though originally starting with acrylics, Oscar currently paints using oils mixed with cold wax, with the addition of oil pencils, markers, and pan pastels to create the colours he is drawn to.  He believes a great mix of colours can produce a feeling of harmony and completeness and feels his strong colours and textures is what attracts people to his artistic style.  His work, which often projects a positive outlook on life, allows one to see something different with each viewing.  Oscar joined Art 1274 Hollis in 2022.  His work has also been shown at The Cannington Art Gallery in Oakville, Ontario and Artful Persuasion in Fredericton, New Brunswick.