Collection: Wendy Bissett-Beaver - Acrylic Painter

Wendy Bissett-Beaver

Wendy Bissett-Beaver uses acrylic and texture mediums to create bright and cheery paintings to make people happy.  Growing up in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, she has always been a creator but starting painting in the 1990s trying different subjects and styles.  Primarily a self-taught artist, she practiced a lot and works with a painting to the point she feels it is ready.  She challenges herself to try different subjects but loves the ocean and sitting on her deck and observing the clouds.  Starting with ink to create the fine lines, she then adds paint to the canvas to create the details she loves, sometimes adding rope and other items to create texture. 
She enjoys sharing local scenery with some realism and extra brightness and hopes it encourages people to seek out these places on their own.  A member of Art 1274 Hollis since 2018, she signs her artwork with Maeisart, which is a combination of her names from her biological and adopted moms.  She is a member of the Environmental Network of the Anglican Diocese of Nova Scotia and PEI and has recently helped illustrate and write a children’s book.