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Denise Soper

Atlantic Mackerel

Atlantic Mackerel

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 Atlantic Mackerel

Acrylic on canvas

 The Atlantic Mackerel has this magical pattern of steely-blue, wavy lines along its back.  Denise was drawn to the sleekness and shimmer of the Atlantic Mackerel, which inspired her to create this piece.

 Atlantic Mackerel are a small and abundant fish living in the North Atlantic and migrate annually towards shore.  They are fished commercially and recreationally.  Currently the Atlantic Mackerel spawning population is hugely depleted and the number of fish surviving to breed is at an all-time low.  According to an article from CBC in 2019, “Scientists say the spawning population is down 86% from pre-2000 levels”.

 You can help by choosing to purchase only sustainably caught seafood.

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