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Nora Gross

Eastern Mountain Avens

Eastern Mountain Avens

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Eastern Mountain Avens



Nora loves to grow and paint flowers.  She was drawn to the beautiful bright yellow of the Eastern Mountain Avens. It is so rare to find this flower; it is only found in Nova Scotia (Brier Island and the East Ferry area of Digby Neck) and in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

 The Eastern Mountain Avens blooms from June to August and the population is not robust.  The flower resembles a tall buttercup, but the leaves are a round shape, different from the buttercup which is very common anywhere in the province.

The biggest threat to this species is human encroachment; when we drain boggy areas by putting in drainage ditches, gulls nest and enrich the soil, encouraging the growth of weeds and bushes which crowd out the Eastern Mountain Avens. Climate change and ocean warming also play a part as this flower likes cool, shady boggy areas.  Keeping ATV’s on trails and avoiding driving in boggy areas will help this plant stay alive.  If you see this plant in other areas of the province it can be reported to


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