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Anthony Blazevic



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art of the Surreal Landscapes & Wild Life Collection by A. Blaze Fine Art.

This is an original Painting - 16x12 - Resin pour, 23 karat Gold Leaf and Acrylics, buried under 1/2" of high gloss epoxy resin, on inverted wooden canvas. Accompanied by a real white washed barn wood frame, hand made by the artist, bringing the outside dimension to 14x18.

The beetles shells are created with a Gold Leaf base - which shimmers and refracts light in this Original Painting.  

This painting was created in Halifax, NS. Canada in 2020.

Inspiration: Inspired by the spirit of the holiday season. Back in 2001, I spent a year backpacking around Australia & New Zealand. Down under, their summer is our winter and vice versa. As their spring turns into summer, these surreal gold chrome with iridescent color shifting shells start appearing; signifying that the holiday season is almost here. They are called Christmas Beetles.

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