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Colleen Underwood

Five-course Reflections, a gala evening"

Five-course Reflections, a gala evening"

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5- Course Reflections

24 x 48 framed


"Five-course Reflections, a gala evening" is my ode to the pleasures and historical resonances of shared culinary experiences. This piece captures an evening of culinary delight and fine wines shared with friends, where every element of the setting and every course served contributes to a larger tapestry of memory, joy, and a reverence for history.
An elegant table setting, shimmering under the soft glow of candle-lit glass jars, serves as the centerpiece of this evening. The guests, adorned in formal attire, evoke a sense of timeless sophistication, reminding us of a momentous era. The five courses symbolize various facets of this gathering - each one punctuated by laughter, shared stories, and the collective experience of enjoying fine food. The laughter echoed around the table isn’t just a sound, but a testament to great times and cherished company.

Significantly, the menu for this evening was inspired by the last dinner served on the Titanic, an emblematic nod to history. While the tragic sinking of the Titanic resulted in a grievous loss of lives, this event serves to keep the memories and history of its maiden voyage alive. In this reenactment, we honor those who perished while simultaneously celebrating the enduring human spirit and the elegance of that bygone era.

Gathering around the table with friends and family to share a meal is one of my core joys. These experiences are more than just about food; they are about the connections fostered and the memories created. Through "Five-course Reflections, a gala evening," I invite viewers to savor these moments, to reflect on the stories of the past, and to cherish the simple, yet profound joy of communal dining.

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