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Wendy Bissett-Beaver

Jax the Lynx

Jax the Lynx

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Jax the Lynx

Canada Lynx


Acrylic and ink on canvas

While Wendy is not particularly drawn to house cats, she is fascinated by wildcats and the Canada Lynx drew her in.

 The Canada Lynx is a medium-sized cat (80-90cm long) with long legs, large paws and a short tail.  It has long, black-tipped ear tufts.  Its large paws are covered in dense hair and act like snowshoes during the winter in deep, snowy conditions.  This is a shy and secretive creature, mainly active at night.

Threats to the Canada Lynx population include climate change, loss of habitat due to forestry and development, and competing with bobcats and coyotes for prey. Learn to recognize this species and report sightings (  Be an advocate of sustainable forestry practices.

Size 15 X 30 inches

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