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Gillian Lazanik

Lake Rain

Lake Rain

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Lake Rain

 This painting captures the ethereal beauty of a foggy lake during a rainstorm, where the veil of mist and falling rain blurs the horizon, making it nearly impossible to see the other side. The world feels hushed, cocooned in a gentle, translucent shroud that muffles sound and softens the landscape.In this scene, the lake becomes a mirror of tranquility, its surface disturbed only by the rhythmic pattern of raindrops. The fog envelopes the water and trees, creating a sense of infinite depth and mystery. It's a moment of serene solitude, where nature’s whispering secrets invite quiet reflection.Through this artwork, I aim to convey the profound peace and introspection that such a setting inspires. It's a celebration of the quiet beauty found in nature's more subdued moments, where the fog and rain combine to create a landscape both haunting and soothing.

Gillian creates paintings using an array of dried herbs and teas like oregano, sage, parsley, green tea, orange pekoe, and earl grey to achieve lifelike textures and emit enchanting outdoor scents. Each piece is sealed with a transparent rubber coating to prevent shedding and degradation, then layered with multiple coats of lacquer for color preservation and long-lasting beauty. This multi-sensory experience engages viewers with both sight and scent, providing an immersive and enduring artistic encounter.

 SIZE: 14” x 14” (15.75” x 15.75” framed)

 MEDIUM: Acrylic paint,  mixed media on canvas


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