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Colleen Underwood

Royal Reflections

Royal Reflections

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Royal Reflections

“Royal Reflections”

11 x14 framed


 Inspiration for "Royal Reflections" travels back to my childhood, where something as simple as a Crown Royal whiskey bag became a vessel of cherished memories and an emblem of my creativity. It all began when my parents allowed me to use the signature purple bag that originally contained Crown Royal whiskey. The bag’s royal purple hue captivated my young imagination, and it quickly became the chosen container for my collection of marbles.

 Among the marbles, there were certain pieces that stood out to me: large tiger eyes with their mesmerizing patterns and smaller marbles with stunning colours.Each one held a special place in my heart , and the Crown R bag became synonymous with the value I place on these small tokens of joy. It wasn’t just a container, it was the cream of the crop, embodying a sense of royalty and importance.

 Additionally, I included cut crystal glasses which is a nod to the original use of the Crown Royal bag, symbolizing that it once contained a well desired and enjoyable whiskey, adding another layer of emotion and depth to the painting.

 In essence, my art is a canvas of nostalgia, celebrating the simple joys of childhood, immortalized through the royal purple bag and treasured marbles.

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