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Colleen Underwood

"Sip & Savor"

"Sip & Savor"

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"Sip & Savor"

11 x 14 framed


I was inspired to paint “Sip & Savor” to convey more than just a scene from a wine tasting event. I wanted to evoke the essence of joyous social interactions, the simple yet profound pleasure of gathering together, and the deep-rooted tradition of sharing good wine with good friends. The painting, like the gatherings it depicted, is a celebration of life’s beautiful simplicity— savored in every sip, cherished in every moment.

The evening had a compelling atmosphere— a balance between the lively hum of conversation and the soft clinking of glasses. This was not just any social event; it was a gathering that brimmed with heartwarming camaraderie. The room held a subtle glow, enhancing the enchanting ambience. Laughter echoed softly, mingling with the earthy tones of casual chatter.

 A significant moment that took center stage in the narrative was the pouring of red wine. The deep crimson liquid, glossy and rich, cascaded into glasses, seemingly carrying with it stories and emotions from distant vineyards. Each pour was a promise, an anticipatory thrill for the sips to follow. This simple act of pouring was turned into a ritual, a focal point that drew everyone’s eyes and thoughts. It encapsulated the essence of indulgence, shared happiness, and the art of savoring life’s finer moments.

 The people in the room were as diverse as the wines they tasted. Friends from different walks of life gathered together, united by their shared appreciation for good wine and great company. Faces old and new, each capturing distinct expressions— from the curious novice hesitating before their first sip to the seasoned aficionado discussing tasting notes with animated fervor.

It wasn’t just about the wine; it was about the moments created, the friendships deepened, and the stories shared over each carefully poured glass.

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