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Gillian Lazanik

Spring Minis (8" x 8")

Spring Minis (8" x 8")

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Spring Minis Series

The "Spring Minis" series celebrates the vibrant beauty and joyful essence of blooming flowers under clear skies. Each piece captures the vivid colors and delicate details of nature in full bloom, evoking the warmth and cheerfulness of sunny days. Inspired by the lush gardens and wildflower meadows of Nova Scotia, these paintings highlight the harmonious interplay of bright petals and azure skies. These miniatures convey the uplifting and serene moments that flowers bring, reminding us of nature’s ability to brighten our lives. Each painting is a testament to the timeless beauty and rejuvenating power of nature's floral wonders.

Dimensions: 8” x 8” 
Medium: Acrylic paint, oil paint, mixed media on canvas
Frame: White

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