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Colleen Underwood

" Table For One"

" Table For One"

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" Table For One"

11 x 14 framed


 The narrative behind "Table For One" is a gentle reminder that your dining experience can still be enjoyed to its fullest, even without company. It is about making moments special for yourself - setting the table with care, using a linen napkin, and taking out the cut crystal. The inclusion of a single rose and a single table setting is symbolic. These elements speak to the beauty of taking the time to care for oneself, to create an atmosphere that acknowledges one's worth and presence.

As you observe "Table For One," I hope you pause and reflect on the scene. Perhaps you will ponder why the person is alone, and what the occasion might be. You may even wonder if someone is about to join them. The scene is not meant to evoke sadness but to be a touch of mystery, inviting viewers to imagine the story behind the setting.

Ultimately, I want viewers to feel a sense of curiosity and a deeper understanding that being alone is not synonymous with being lonely. There is a quiet strength and beauty in treating oneself with the same care and attentiveness that one would offer to others.

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