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Naomi Walsh

The Lone Hunter

The Lone Hunter

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The Lone Hunter

Great white sharks in Nova Scotia waters ?

You bet !

As recently as July 2022 many sharks , some measuring 10’ + and weighing 1,000Lbs., + have been seen in the waters off Nova Scotia.

Of course they come for our famous fresh seafood .

Thanks to climate change, the waters around Nova Scotia are much warmer than in years past . This makes the trip north from the Florida coast starting in May very profitable for the great white sharks for their summer feasting.

Generally solitary creatures, they do sometimes travel in groups.

I found a whole school of them swimming around in my studio, with the sun dappling their backs thru the water. They have staked out their favourite bits of coral reef and will only be here for a short time before heading back south for the winter.

Each is hand made , sculpted and coloured .

6” x 4” x 3”

Earthenware/ copper and wood

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