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Colleen Underwood

Twilight in the Villa

Twilight in the Villa

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“Twilight in the Villa”

11x 14


My work as an artist, often reflects the serene and captivating moments that linger in our memories. “Twilight in the Villa’ is no exception. The central theme of this painting is an idyllic evening in the Tuscany countryside, savoring a glass of wine amongst the warmth of the setting sun, vibrant flowers, and the charm of a rustic villa.

With this piece, I aim to evoke a sense of relaxation and peace to the viewers. I want them to feel as though they are truly there, in that tranquil setting, taking in the beauty and calmness that such an evening brings.

A personal experience that deeply influenced the creation of this painting was a visit to a local winery in Tuscany. We purchased a bottle of chianti , which we later enjoyed with a delicious pasta meal.

This experience not only provided sensory and emotional inspiration but also a deep appreciation for the simple and profound pleasures in life, which I strive to convey in my art.

Though “Twilight in the Villa ’‘I hope to transport viewers to a place of peace and enjoyment, allowing them to momentarily step away from the bustle of everyday life and appreciate the beauty in simplicity.

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