Collection: Denise Soper - Oil and Acrylic Painter

Denise Soper

Originally from Newfoundland, Denise Soper, a member of Art 1274 Hollis since 2015, started creating art in her teens.  She enjoyed drawing and making something out of nothing.  After high school she enrolled in a commercial art course and then worked as a layout artist doing advertisements.  However, it was through this she realized she felt drawn to fine art and moved to Nova Scotia, attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and has been here ever since. 

Denise, who enjoys gardening, hiking, and gathering berries and mushrooms, reflects this love of nature in her work.  Though she sometimes works from photographs, she also enjoys painting in nature where she feels the process of painting allows her to really get to know an area.   She tries to work in an area with the best natural light whether that is outside or in her kitchen because natural light can change something ‘ho hum’ into something spectacular. Her works, reflecting a thoughtful observation of nature, are done in both oil paints and acrylics on canvas.  Denise feels it is the quietness of her pieces that draws people in.