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Colleen Underwood

Northwest Arm

Northwest Arm

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Northwest Arm 

The Northwest Arm is one of Halifax's notable landmarks. It was originally named 'Sandwich River".

Situated along the  west side of the Halifax peninsula,the Northwest Arm is loaded with history. and small islands. Melville Island, once used as a prison during the French Revolution wars and war of now the location and home of the Armdale Yacht Club.

 High above the treeline sits the Dingle Tower, another historic landmark. Standing 34 meters high the tower overlooks the shores.of the Northwest Arm and the surrounding Fleming Park. Two large bronze lions  sit guard outside. The tower is open during certain hours and you can climb the winding twisting staircase to the top of the tower for a fantastic view of the surrounding area.

The rest of the arm is occupied by private boat clubs and outstanding  homes.

Situated at the south end of the Halifax Peninsula is another historic landmark, a 75 hectare wooden park with hiking trails and old fortresses that once guarded Halifax Harbour.


20 x 24 Framed

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