It's February!

It's February!

Ok, so we're not that excited. It's mid winter. But… did you know that February comes from the latin word “Februa” named after the Roman word Februalia, which was a month long festival of purification and atonement.
So there you go, go clean out your studios.

Here in our very clean and atoned gallery we are featuring the work of one of our original founding members: Nora Gross. Nora says inspiration for her work comes from light and its influence on landscape.
Nora is a true Renaissance Artist. She enjoys trying new techniques and nothing is off the table as far as subject matter. Her new work is a collaborative collection of all that makes her heart sing.

Stars at Night in Shubie Park, Nora Gross

Art 1274 Hollis would like you to meet three men we are so blessed to have as members of the family.

Oscar Koller:
Oscar is an impressionistic painter whose work on cradled wood panel and canvas virtually rises off his surfaces. His combined use of colour and texture invites the viewer in and you will almost want to reach out and touch this work.
“I get inspiration from nature, it’s limitless beauty. Colour rules over form for me.”
Oscar works with oil paint mixed with cold wax to create beautiful geographical surfaces”.

Sailor's Delight, Oscar Koller

Benoît Paradis:
“I am an accomplished draftsman. Structure of the representation is important to me”. Benoît's use of vibrant colours brings an emotional, joyous experience to the viewer. A quote from his bio as follows: “I create the beauty of the world around me every day. My travels, my readings and a whole generation of colourist and naturalist painters inspire and guide my creation between urban heritage and grandiose nature”.

Peggy's Oasis, Benoît Paradis

Anthony Blazevic:
“I like to use a combination of realism and Dark Imagination to give life to my work. I have a passion for creating things that don’t really exist in the real world and making them believable. I like to take a person, place or thing and place them in an unbelievable world.”
Anthony achieves his holographic illusions on sheet metal canvases. Transparent dyes are lit on fire to create a dream like atmosphere. He uses pouring mediums and top-coating with epoxy resin to add depth.
You need to see this work to believe it!

Trip to Peggy's Cove Part 1, Anthony Blazevic

Artists with February Birthdays:
Norman Rockwell   1894
Ansel Adams   1902
Winslow Homer   1896
Pierre Auguste Renoir   1841

See you at the Gallery!

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